1-Patentability Search

The objective of a Patentability search is to assess the novelty and non-obviousness (according to the USC 102 and 103) of the provided invention disclosure by the client. A Patentability search is essential before moving to the patent office as it lays foundation for patent drafters to claim the right scope of the invention and further avoid issues of validity.

PatseanIP conducts patentability searches in more than 95 jurisdictions through our resource pool of over 40+ patent and non-patent databases. Our patentability search methodology includes broad keyword-based search, US and IPC Classification Search, Assignee and inventor based search and concept based search strategies to obtain relevant prior-arts from both patent and non-patent literature. Since inception, PatseanIP has performed over 500+ patentability searches facilitating the patent attorneys in asserting patentable claims. Please ask for a sample report at kunal.gupta@patseanip.com

2-Infringement search

Infringement Search is performed in order to find whether a product or a technology infringes upon an existing patent claim. We at PatseanIP help our clients to find infringement evidence by mapping relevant patent claim elements to specific features of target products.

At PatseanIP, Infringement Analysis is conducted in the following phases:

A-Phase 1 (Infringement Analysis):

The first phase of the Infringement Analysis is conducted just by reading through the patent claims and understanding the scope of the subject patent. After that quick search is performed to check for the probable companies working in the same field as of our subject patent and then finally the list of the probable infringer companies along with their probable infringing product is prepared.

Phase 2 (Claim charts):

The second phase of Infringement Analysis involves preparation of claim charts. Promax prepares detailed claim charts, clearly showing how each element of the patent claims is demonstrably present in the target product. These claim charts are prepared by keeping in mind the preceding of the court as the evidence used by our internal team for showing product infringement is either shown through product manuals, manufacturing sheets, white papers and other official product documents. Sometimes destructive or non-destructive reverse engineering is also conducted to ensure detailed examination of the product.

3-Invalidity Search

Invalidity Search or Validity Search is the most exhaustive search conducted after the grant of a patent. A search is conducted to identify patent or non patent literature filed or published before the earliest priority date of the subject patent. The search serves as a basis for a legal opinion against infringement or as due diligence prior to licensing, buying, or selling of a patent.

Since inception, we have handled more than 500 patent validity or invalidity searches. Our practical knowledge and over time experience of working for some of the top law firms and corporations in the world has helped us evolve various strategies to perform comprehensive validity/invalidity search and analysis.

The research team at PatseanIP is comprised of engineers and PhDs, many of whom have advanced degrees and a variety of scientific specialties. We also have access to over 50+ patent and non-patent databases to cover over 100 jurisdictions. Further, we provide search services in 6 different languages through our in-house language interpreters. A ‘no stone left unturned’ approach is followed to ensure that each and every relevant patent is identified in our search & analysis.

PatseanIP offers exhaustive validity/invalidity services at a very competitive price. Besides an hourly based pricing model, we also offer a fixed price model for our cost-conscious clients.

Our Validity/Invalidity Search report includes:

  • Bibliographic details of the prior-arts
  • Series of Key-strings used to perform the search
  • List of keywords, inventors, assignee, Patent classification (US, ECLA, F, IPC)
  • Color Mapping of the claims of prior art with the claims of subject patent
  • Snapshots of relevant figures
  • PDFs of relevant prior-arts

5-Freedom to operate search

Freedom-to-operate/clearance search is a geo specific and proactive patent search performed before the commercialization of a product or at any point of product life cycle. A fulsome freedom to operate search is very critical as it helps to identify opportunities and mitigate patent infringement threats. We target granted patents while simultaneously covering pending patent applications as these if granted can prove a threat to client’s product. We also make sure to include analysis of WIPO patent applications that have client’s specific geographical country as a designated country. Our freedom-to-operate/clearance search reports include an in-depth analysis of the claimed elements in the identified relevant prior-arts by our SME’s (subject matter experts).

Our Freedom to Operate/Clearance search (FTO) reports have also assisted our clients in dealing with issues such as:

  • Merger & Acquisition with the local company which hold the rights of using the related patent application.
  • Cross Licensing with other patents which cover a part of your requirements. You can offer a reciprocal licensing of your patent, if the opposite party is interested.
  • Establishing Patent pools.
  • Lays down the foundation for Invalidation Search

6-State of Art Search

State of the art search involves exhaustive search, analysis and synthesis of patent documents and specific publications relating to the technology domain of interest.

The primary purpose of a state of art search is to help a client in assessing the potential marketing opportunity for making an important decision for product development or patent filing, understanding competitors, recognizing technology clusters, possible direction of future R&D among other uses. We provide comprehensive reports which include synthesis of information into graphs to drive maximum value output from the identified data results and analysis.

We frequently provide state of art search services to top IP law firms, technology companies and individual inventors in over 20+ technology domains.

You can also request a sample of our state of art search report at kunal.gupta@patseanip.com